P2P Networking and Applications

“… will be more-or-less a standard and a must-have for those involved in P2P networking and applications”

By John F. Buford, Heather Yu, and Eng Keong Lua.

Available 12/28/2008, Hardback, 408 pages, ISBN 0-12374-214-5

“… a great job on the breadth and depth of coverage of the material. It will be a very good reference when practitioners need to implement a system.”

” … a very thorough coverage of the existing P2P solutions … “

“I always thought it was a pity that there wasn’t a comprehensive book on peer-to-peer systems research.”

“… a single source for up-to-date peer-to-peer networking issues. It should be a very valuable reference book for researchers, developers, and designers in this important area. “

“Since researchers have proposed to borrow ideas from peer-to-peer overlays to construct new Internet architectures, the content of this book will be a very good reference for an even longer period of time.”


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Peer-to-peer networking has emerged as a viable business model and systems architecture for Internet-scale applications. Although its technological roots trace back through several decades of designing distributed information systems, contemporary applications demonstrate that it is an effective way to build applications that connect millions of users across the globe without reliance upon specially deployed servers. Instead, by combining the resources of each user’s computer, these systems automatically self-organize and adapt to changing peer populations while providing services for content sharing and personal communications.

The topics covered in this book provide a comprehensive survey of both the practice of P2P and main research directions.

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